Student Testimonials

Caseylin’s passion for yoga is infectious. She brings an atmosphere of joy and playfulness to her classes that I have never before experienced in a yoga class. Grounded in solid knowledge of the poses, as well as anatomy, she is able to offer variations to her students to meet them where they are, with complete acceptance for wherever that may be. Caseylin draws on personal experience and real-world examples to elucidate the deeper gifts of yoga, and make them accessible and relevant in the 21st century. Her radiance and positivity are inspiring in a way that reaches beyond the yoga mat, and she lives her yoga everyday. Who knew yoga could be so much fun? – Sara M. Rebel Lotus Flow / Hip Hop Yoga

Caseylin has a connection with her students as calming as the warm pool water on which we floated for paddle board yoga.  Her mannerisms put the most apprehensive students at ease.  Her non-judgemental encouragement to accept the beauty of ourselves made for a weightless, happy and much anticipated weekly class. – April L. Owner, Belfast Paddle Sports, SUP Yoga Student

I had the pleasure of becoming a student of Caseylin Darcy’s when I joined a hip-hop yoga class on a whim last summer. Not only was she completely present, forgiving, joyful and inspiring, but she made me feel like I was contributing to the bigger picture, fostered my self-centering and reassured me that I am body and soul beautiful in the skin I’m in.

I can’t recall if it was me or Caseylin who suggested that hip hop yoga on my wedding day could be possible, but someone should get credit for it because it was phenomenal.

Caseylin traveled to our weekend long campground wedding as a friend and as the mysterious ‘hip hop yoga teacher.’ (What IS hip hop yoga anyways, guests nervously asked.) On the rainy morning of my wedding, I gathered in a rustic lodge with ten of my nearest and dearest friends who had come from all over the world to join me in my matrimonial bliss.

Caseylin has the power to unite, to encourage, and to bring peace to people of all walks of life. Within minutes of blasting Salt N’ Peppa’s “Shoop,” and getting our bodies and minds in sync, she had us all blissfully out of our comfort zones. The stress melted away as the base of my favorite 90’s hip hop pulsated through my body as Caseylin, our fearless fireball shleader led us through invigorating physical and spiritual movements. We sang along, we opened our hips, we laughed, we strengthened our cores, we cried, we shooks our booties, we were there, in that moment, with and because of, Caseylin Darcy.

When our time ended, I was overcome with emotion, I was ready for the biggest day of my life, and I was one with my favorite women. Words cannot describe how grateful I am when I reflect on the gift that Caseylin gave to me. She kick started my wedding day with love, laughter, praise and spunk. She is one of a kind. Namaste. – Haley B. Rebel Lotus Flow / Hip Hop Yoga / Wedding Yoga

Hello Caseylin… I know this might be a bit odd to write to you out of the blue, but do to some current happenings, I felt I had to. First, I dont think I’ve ever had the chance to thank you for you kindness, non-judgement, and gental understanding. I cant, really thank you, becouse those are only words, but Caseylin, becouse you were the first person ever to show me the kindness, gentleness, and awesomeness of yoga. I feel deep gratutude toward you. Because you showed me the trust, of yourself, and yoga, I am now a yoga oppsessed fanatic!! Yoga has showed me, what feels like, this whole other universe, of people I didnt think existed anymore. And I know if it wasnt for you, I would have never been brave enough to walk into their studio on my own. AND.. I see that you are back in Portland now, and would love to come take your class, in between school. SO seriously, Caseylin…Thank you… and I mean it.. Namaste. – Sacred Yogini Project Student, Survivor, Bad-Ass Yogini 

Caseylin, my love.

I just did Pose 2 for the first time. I woke up, it popped into my head, and so I got down on the floor.

And after a few minutes of lying there with my feet and legs against the wall, I had what I can only refer to as a huge fucking light bulb moment. Like, HUGE.

I got up, immediately began writing for additional clarity, and really, really became clear on an issue that has been the cornerstone of my journey. And then the tears came as I released some serious shit. Not sad tears at all–I was overjoyed and relieved and my body just released so much old energy and illusions through those tears.

Thank you for this pose, and the ones that follow. I’ll be making this a daily practice.

You are such a blessing. I love, love, love you. – M.V. Rebel Lotus Yoga Student