Specialty Classes

Wedding Yoga

An absolutely blissful way to celebrate the start of your Wedding Day or as part of your Bachelorette Party festivities! With a fantastic playlist and a yoga flow that will be specifically created so that everyone in your group can have a ball – this is the most perfectly appropriate way to celebrate your day as the word yoga, in Sanskrit, means “union”.

Currently booking for the 2017 Wedding Season!

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

A fun, challenging way to practice yoga while being on the water and warmed by the sun! Taught by professional SUP Yoga Instructors, this safe, energetic class will tone and strengthen your entire body. A great practice that will take you to the edge your comfort zone while having an incredible time! This yoga class is designed for everyone from ” I’ve never touched a paddleboard!” to “I’ve never practiced yoga!”

Cardio Kickboxing

An awesomely high-energy, non-competitive, total-body workout to upbeat music. Burn up 700-800 calories in one hour, increase your metabolism, tone your muscles and have fun while doing it! Offering modified, dynamic and balanced kicking, punching and aerobic combinations this class is beneficial for any body and any age! Ends with core work, yoga poses to stretch the body, and a small meditation to center the mind.